We're just getting started............

I could not believe this thing, it is so quiet, so quick and so sturdy. It's a beautiful full-blown scooter that makes no noise and flies. Talk about Batman this scooter is stealth!

Sean - Sydney, AUSTRALIA

The first test drive convinced me to buy one. I can't wait to show this incredible scooter to my friends.

Linda - Scottsdale, AZ

I took a test drive on a promotion they did in Santa Barbara and was amazed at how fast the scooter went. I had never driven an electric scooter before. I was extremely impressed.

David - Santa Barbara, CA

My first time on an electric bike. I was blown away. There was no sound, except the wind.

Michael - Ojai, Ca

I'm definetly buying one and am going to tell everyone I know who is looking to buy a car to take one of these for a demo drive, because they make much more sense.

Allyson - Santa Barbara, CA

I was hoping to buy an electric car this year, but since I found this scooter and learned about it's performance and the fact that it can operate for just a few dollars a week, I have no problem waiting on the car.

Kevin M - Santa Barbara, CA